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Sunday, May 26 2019  

Get this cool tool to jot down your notes and get organized immediately! It's like the yellow paper version with a bunch of features, that the original version doesn't have!

Add2it Notes Free is a program that puts little notes on your desktop. You can create infinite notes, change color and aspect of every note, save and print it.

You can change almost everything in the notes, like colors, font and other (Add2it Notes Pro can also change the title).

You can move notes (Add2it Notes Pro can also resize them).

Now Add2it Notes Free supports Multi monitors! Thanks to Mika for the help.

Supported language: English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, Turkish, Finish, Danish and Portuguese.

Following are some screen shots of Add2it Notes Free:

Example of a note
Example of a note

The title menus of a note
The title menus of a note

The edit menus of a note
The edit menus of a note

The tray area menu
The tray area menu

The options menu
The options menu

Program History:

Add2it Notes Free Version 1.9:

  • Solved some bugs
  • Added new interesting options (on top on new notes, show all notes on new note creation and more)

Add2it Notes Free Version 1.8:

  • Solved bug on default font assignment
  • New options window with a better language manager
  • Language for options 
  • New save routine when program exit (no more notes lost)
  • Confirmation on delete one or all notes
  • Multi monitor support

Add2it Notes Free Version 1.7:

  • Moved some menus
  • Confirmation question: Do you want to delete all notes?

Add2it Notes Free Version 1.6:

  • Totally freeware!
  • Solved little bugs

Add2it Notes Free Version 1.5:

  • Fixed a little bug on program exit

Add2it Notes Free Version 1.5b3:

  • Fixed problem on onTop function
  • Changed menu style
  • Added help on shareware/freeware
  • Fixed error on class note list and constructor.
  • Fixed bugs on alarm/expiration and deleting notes
  • Added full support for turkish language
  • Added full support for french language
  • Added on Free version:
    • The ability to put links on post it notes (try to write
    • The ability to drag files on the notes
    • Change font or highlight font in a selection, not all the text. Now text is a RTF!
    • You can open your old post it saved in the cache
    • You can print the note

Question : When I change the font size in the "options"-menu, it doesn't take effect.

Answer: Well, only new notes have the font you set in the options window

Question: It seems that it is only possible to delete all notes. I haven't found a way yet to delete only one note.

Answer: Right click on the post it note title bar and click on 'Delete note'

Question : When I right click on the note, I couldn't see the "On Top" option. what's wrong here?

Answer:You can right click on the note or on the note's title. To see the 'On Top' option you have to right click on the title. 'On top' is the first option.

Question:How do you delete a note?

Answer: Well, simple right click on the post it note title bar and choose 'Delete note' from the menu

Question: How do you get a note back after you minimize it?

Answer: Right click on the icon in the tray area (near the clock, in the task bar) and choose Desktop->Show all Notes

Question: When I am using other software the notes also display in front. I think it would be handy to set it so they are sent to the rear and the program you are in covers the notes

Answer: You can set the on top property for every post it note. Just right click on the note and set on top or not on top

Question: What location are post it notes saved to?

Answer: In the standard windows application data folder. For example, In Windows XP is C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Add2it Post it free cache.

Question: I don't like the standard title ''.

Answer: Only Add2it Notes Pro allows you to open the options and set the 'new note title' option. The new notes have this title

Question: It would be nice if the note were a little larger...

Answer: Only Add2it Notes Pro allows you to open the options and set a greater number on 'New note width' and 'new note height'

Question: I need to uninstall it. PLEASE provide me with proper routine to properly uninstall your software

Answer: Exit from Add2it Notes Free and go in the control panel, Add/remove Software applet. Remove Add2it Notes Free like other windows program.

Question: Can I change the Add2it Notes Free icon in the tray area?

Answer: You can change the Add2it Notes Free icon in the tray area. Simply put an icon file called postItLight.ico in the post it folder.

Add2it Notes Free

Requirements: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License: Freeware

FREE - Start gettings your notes organized immediately:


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