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About Frank Bauer

Frank Bauer was born and lived most of his life in or around Kiel at the Baltic sea in Germany. Luckily, he was able to live for 2 1/2 years (between 1993 and 1996) in Virginia, USA... lucky, because there he met and married 1995 his beautiful wife. Then in 1998 their son was born.

He started programming in several program languages beginning at the age of 12. Starting with Basic, he soon went to Assembler, Turbo Pascal, C, Visual Basic, HTML, Java Script and finally to Perl.

At the time he lived in the USA, he also got introduced to and interested in a marketing concept called Network Marketing aka MLM.


While building his Network Marketing business he soon discovered that he needed to build a mailing list. While all the scripts he looked at haven't been bad, they all lacked at least one of the features he was looking for. So he started developing his own mailing list management script with all the features needed and released the first version in September 2000.

He currently develops and sells marketing scripts for webmasters programmed in Perl. Additionally he offers Perl script installation, programming and troubleshooting services as well as a web site promotion service. He also publishes the free monthly More4you Newsletter with tips, tutorials and training for webmasters and entrepreneurs.

Before Frank became self-employed he worked full-time as a computer system supporter. In April 2002 he was finally able to fulfill his plans to develop his online business to an extend to that he was able to replaced his job completely.

If you need help in any facet of Perl installation, programming and troubleshooting, please contact Frank Bauer! He'll be happy to give you a guaranteed quote!



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