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Saturday, July 13 2024  
You earn 50 - 70% Commission on all Add2it software scripts
plus 20 - 30% on all Add2it services!

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We offer several high quality software scripts and services that you can recommend to others and earn up to 70% commission. Right now, a copy of Add2it Complete Pro V2.0 without installation service sells for $247.00. As an Add2it reseller you will earn $172.90 or as an Add2it affiliate you will earn $123.50 for every personal sale that you generate. Just direct people to the URL we'll give you and we handle everything else!

Another example, Add2it MailResponder Pro is another software script we are offering through this program. You can promote this product and make $95.90 per sale as a reseller or make $68.50 per sale as an affiliate. Plus, you can earn commissions on all other Add2it products and services as well.

At this point you might ask yourself, why on earth should you become an affiliate if resellers earn so much more? Simple... the reseller program is really only for people that are serious about earning money and has a $17 monthly membership fee. Compared to that, joining as an affiliate is free.

Can such a low fee stop you becomming a reseller? Look at the above examples and think about it... just one Add2it Complete Pro V2.0 sale every 2-3 months and your earned more then an affiliate! The real question is... can you afford not to become a reseller?

Plus there is another advantage for resellers... but more about that later on.

As a reseller you will earn 70% commission on all software products (50% as an affiliate).

Plus you will earn 30% commission all service products like our Installation Service (20% as an affiliate).

Once you refer a customer, you will earn commissions on all sales to that customer for 25 (twenty-five) years! The order system is setup in a way that will make sure that you will always earn commissions regardless of the payment option chosen by the customer. Commissions are paid for software and services:

Software: (e.g. Add2it MailResponder Pro)

  • Your earn as a reseller: 70%
  • Your earn as an affiliate: 50%

Services: (e.g. Installation Service)

  • Your earn as a reseller: 30%
  • Your earn as an affiliate: 20%

Here's how the program works:

You become a reseller by signing up below or an affiliate by completing a registration form. There are no minimum requirements and you can start promoting right away. You will be redirected to the back office where you can learn more about being a successful affiliate.

Next, log in and obtain your referral code. You can use email links, graphics or any other spam free method to promote any of the Add2it software scripts or services. There are many other promotion techniques outlined in the back office as well.

When a prospect clicks on your link, a cookie is set in their browser, their IP address is recorded in a database, and they are redirected to our main site or a specific product page that you specify.

If your prospect makes a purchase right then or on a return visit for up to 25 years, you will get credit for the sale!

You can view your traffic and sales stats at any time and you will receive an email notification whenever you make a sale.

We'll pay you on demand through PayPal or by bank transfer (only to bank accounts in Australia and Germany). There is only a $1 minimum balance and you can request the payment of all commissions earned 14 or more days ago at any time.

Warning! We have absolutely no tolerance for spam. If you plan to promote the Add2it software scripts or services using any form of unsolicited email, do not even consider registering.

Here is another advantage for resellers...

Resellers can claim any Add2it software script for their own use at a 50% discount, right from their back office (25% discount for affiliates). Additionally will resellers receive a 20% discount on any Add2it service order (10% discount for affiliates). BTW... the sponsor will earn full commission on this back office orders!

Now we have it all together... as a reseller you:

  • earn 70% on each sale of an Add2it software script
  • earn 30% on each sale of an Add2it service

Plus as a reseller you:

  • get 50% discount on all Add2it software scripts
  • get 20% rebate on all Add2it services

Please choose a secure payment type:

Please take also a look at the the information about payment and the program agreement!

Not sure about how many sales you can create?
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If you have any questions about the Add2it you may contact me at anytime.

'Whatever the mind can conceive and believe... it can achieve.'
Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

To your success,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
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