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Thursday, May 30 2024  

Review: 1CellNet - Cell Phone Rate

1CellNet offers a highly consumable product which is Internet telephony from your cell / mobile phone. The great thing about 1CellNet is that you can generate calls even without an Internet connection. Yes, you can make an Internet phone call from the middle of the road.

I personally started using and testing 1CellNet on the 23rd of January.

Their rates are in many countries around the globe truly lower than normal mobile rates. The calling method is quiet simple as well.

The 1CellNet website itself does a pretty poor job in telling potential customers on how easy it is to make calls. At first I lost interest when I saw it saying that you have to SMS with "C destination number". I couldn't figure out how you can quickly make calls without having to type the actual number in.

Then I was told by a friend who has been a member for a while that once you signed up, you have your own web page and access to a members area in which you can create shortcuts, e.g. I have my brothers's number as ANDI=494342xxxxxx.

Then when you SMS the gateway you just put in the msg part as " C ANDI" and way it goes. What happens next is the gateway will call you, once you receive the call you will hear the destination phone ring. It's so simple to use!

It's also not a simple reseller program. Many reseller programs force people to buy cosmetic or health product... These are not our essential daily needs. But the phone calls are made daily by us.

Since I joined, I personally sponsored three affiliates and one customer into 1CellNet, not much as I didn't promote it much.

Still, I have now already a 1CellNet team of 10 consultant's and over 40 affiliate's and a bunch of customers. So, I can say that their system did work very well for me. :)

As you can see, the beauty of the 1CellNet binary compensation plan is that it's highly viral. Once you get the ball rolling things move very fast.

New affiliates get $130 of phone-to-phone credit plus $20 of PC-to-phone credit for a one-time payment of $199. And if that's more than you would want to invest, they offer also to start as an Consultant for a one-time payment of $99 including $50 worth of talk time.

So, the opportunity to virtually have your own mobile calls reseller business at practically no cost is pretty awesome.

But even without consider to make money, it can save you money on your bill. The question is why not? If you can make money from it, it is great. If not, you still save on your bill.

And for those that are not interested to earn an income, they offer customer account for a one-time fee of $70 including $50 worth of talk time.


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