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Thursday, May 30 2024  

Review: Co-Op World - Co-Opitalism

The free to join Co-Op World looks very promising, I earned within 4 weeks $114 in Co-op cash and reached position 31 out of 13,061 members.

It has an excellent chance of putting a huge number of people on a new path to wealth and is based on the philosophy of Co-Opitalism which takes all the best bits of capitalism and
revamps the shortcomings with a big dose of community, of people helping people, of co-operation.

By filling out a simple survey you will be entitled to a $5 Co-op cash bonus as part of a $1.25 million co-opcash giveaway to kick start their business.

It also allows you to earn $2 Co-op cash per person that you refer and that fills out a form for free.

Co-OpWorld has been almost 4 years in development and has just opened the gates for registration.

It is launching with a $1.25 million Co-OpCash giveaway to reward the marketers who give the business a kickstart by spreading the word.

You do NOT need to ever spend money to be able to earn. This is not a 'let's join free and you have to upgrade to earn'. It's a whole new approach to marketing and is designed so that your team and your income will continue to grow.

It is about real products, real services and meeting real market place demands.

It combines many of the most lucrative business models, both on and off the Net, into a series of powerful communities that are designed to generate cash for the members.

Over 75% of the funds that would normally be held onto as profits are distributed back to the members.

As I already said, it's free to join and the first 20,000 are promised to become founders and earn cash for life. I recommend you signup for free.


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