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Thursday, May 30 2024  

Review: JV Leads - MLM Leads

The two owners of JV Leads, Eva Browne-Paterson and Ray Man have a combined online marketing experience of close to 20 years and when I first heard about their JV Leads business back in September 2004, I was excited to get on board. Since then I received every month 1,000 completely unshared high quality, double Opt-in, 0-7 days old MLM leads including name, email address, mailing address, phone number, IP address and time/date stamp.

The leads are people who have requested to receive email information regarding on-line programs and earning a living on the Internet. They are waiting to hear about your offer. You will be given the first opportunity to contact these prospects.

Even that I personally only order 1,000 leads per month, JV Leads actually delivers 1,099 (10% over delivery). And they are very fresh and only 0 to 7 days old.

And thanks to the system that I share with my JV Leads partners, I was able to convert over 80% of the leads into More4you newsletter subscribers. A very good result in my opinion. :)

Besides all this... JV Leads has a 4x6 forced matrix that has 45% paid back in commissions. You will earn $6 for every member you personally sponsor into JV Leads. With just six referred customers you basically receive your 1,000 leads every month for free... now, that's a way to build your online business!


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