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Thursday, May 30 2024  

Review: EzineFire - Promotion

On the 19th of January 2004 Mike Filsaime introduced me to this remarkable FREE service product and tool collection, developed by Russell S. Brunson together with 49 other Internet marketers.

EzineFire is the living prove that good tools don't have to always have a price tag attached. :)

You will get all of the following for free by joining EzineFire...

  • An 1-to-1 unblockable pop-up exchange promoting your own newsletter

  • You get 50% of all the impressions generated by those below you up to five levels deep with unlimited width

  • If you don't have your own newsletter and don't want to write one, they give you an ezine to use.

  • You get access to an Ezine Cover Creator to create a neat little cover for your ezine. There are better paid tools out there, but this one does the job also... and it's FREE. ( I personally bought and use Armand Morin's eCover Generator for $97)

  • You get access to an ezine formatter that will counting characters and solve word wrap problems for you.

  • You get access to a spam filter checker that will help you to get your messages through.

I personally use the ezine formatter and spam filter checker for this most of my outgoing messages. Why only most you ask? Well, sometimes I simply forget... ;)

Let me also give you some personal stats. Within a 2 1/2 month period ...

  • The More4you Newsletter has been shown 30,225 times

  • 195 affiliates joined my downline

Pretty good results considering all I really did was to send two emails to all More4you Newsletter subscribers and adding a pop-up to my Add2you site. :)


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