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Justin Horth

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"... I find tying my shoelace is more confusing than using Add2it Mailman Free!"

"Although I am a relative newcomer to all this, I must write you to say how pleased I am with Add2it Mailman Free and how pleased I am to have found such a library of resource for my further development.

The scripts were so easy to install that I thought there must have been something missing, and never in my experience have I come across anything quite so intuitive. I find tying my shoelace is more confusing than using MMF!

Within the coming weeks I fully intend to take advantage of your affiliate program and will, without hesitation, be upgrading to Pro in the near future."

- Justin Horth, Webmaster and Publisher of

Gary & Deb Benton

"It handled everything flawlessly..."

"I used the Add2it Mailman Free to handle the sign-ups at the Free Resell Rights Giveaway. It handled everything flawlessly. As soon as possible, I hope to upgrade to the Pro account."

- Gary and Deb Benton, owners of

Chris Gozdzik

"I love it!"

"I tried the Free version and I love it! Actually I already purchased the Pro version :o)
The greatest thing for me is the ease of installation - no messing with scripts, just upload, call install script - done!

- Chris Gozdzik, Webmaster of

Doug Davis

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"Give it a try!"

"Add2it Mailman Free does a great job for me! Easy setup, great features, works flawlessly week after week. Very easy and intuitive to manage, such as adding and removing subscribers. Give it a try!"

- Doug Davis, Webmaster of

Joe Bingham

"...great service above and beyond what I expected..."

"I've used the Add2it Mailman Free script for over 2 years to publish my ezine. I've always been happy with it and with Frank Bauer's excellent customer service. I once searched long and hard through many mailing scripts and email list services with the intention of providing the available choices as a resource for my readers. It was a waste of time. I'd already found the best scripts, especially for the price, at Now it's all I recommend to my readers."

- Joe Bingham, Publisher of

Steve McMullen

"...very pleased with the service."

"I've used Add2it Mailman Free version now for a little over three years. It installed without a hitch and never once failed me. When I moved to a new host I decided to go with the Add2it Mailman Standard version.

The purchase went without a hatch, when I went to install I had some problems and seemed to be unable to resolve them. So I purchased the install service.

I was very pleased with the service. Add2it staff was promote and informative. We still don't know where my errors were. But I believe it was an issue between my PC and my host not Add2it.

I'm now using Add2it Mailman Standard and thinking about getting some more Add2it scripts. I like the autoresponder along with some others."

- Steve McMullen, Webmaster of

"...very easy to configure and install."

"Thanks for providing the full featured free trial of Add2it Mailman. The program was very easy to configure and install. The administration page is also very easy to navigate. We will be upgrading to the Pro version when we are ready to implement it on our website."

- Mike Snyder, Brewmaster/Webmaster for Cedar Brewing Company at

"'s impossible to mess that up."

"I recently had Add2it Mailman Free put on my site by a friend of mine. I used it for a few months, and absolutely loved it. The ease of people subscribing, editing their details, and unsubscibing cannot be beat as far as I'm concerned. You can upload your subs so many ways that it's impossible to mess that up."

- Cheryl A. Crossan, Webmaster of

"I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it."

"I find has been a great asset for my everyday processing for my personal files, word processing and assessing personal web sites. I would recommend your service to anyone who has not helped me. I find this an absolute must and a great help and I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it."

- William F. Johnson

"...totally happy with your service..."

"I just wanted to say that I am totally happy with your service Frank. When someone works this hard and the program is FREE it increases my trust in the paid versions. Just wanted to go on record as saying you have a first class product and the customer service is..., well, it can't be beat! Sorry you were up till 3 AM, but THANKS!"

- Dan Slaughter Jr., Webmaster of

Nucha Aquino

"I was happy with it since the day I uploaded it..."

"Thank you for the GREAT script. I was happy with it since the day I uploaded Add2it Mailman Free to my web site and it installed itself! That's a necessary feature for most of us. Now I am using Add2it Mailman Pro, and receiving 6-70 email subscribers automatically everyday, no sweat !

On top of everything is your excellent prompt service and the time you give to us even when I was using the free version. I knew I could always count on you if I chose to use the script for my 2 ezines :-)"

- Nucha Aquino, Publisher of eLaguna's eBiz Tips at

" of the easiest scripts I've EVER installed."

"Your Add2it Mailman Free script was very easy to install! Probably one of the easiest scripts I've EVER installed."

- Katherine Hollyday, Webmaster of

Mike Hills

"...on a scale of 1 - 10 your customer service is a good 12."

"Just writing to let you know of the great service you have supplied me.

I thoroughly appreciate both the time and effort you have put into getting the script working on my servers, on all 3 occasions.

Customer support is the key to any company, and on a scale of 1 - 10 your customer service is a good 12.

Thank you once again, you may pass on my address to any perspective purchaser, for confirmation."

- Mike Hills, Publisher of

"...what I love about your script..."

"I would say what I love about your script is how easy it is to set up. We looked at others but we just didn't have the time to go into many of the files. Yours was as easy as unzipping the file and running the install program.

So far we love it!"

- Vito Manzione, President of

Jan Tallent-Dandridge

"...with NO programming knowledge, ten minutes to set up..."

"Yours is the closest to perfect script for doing what I want to do I have found in over a year of searching. It only took me, with NO programming knowledge, ten minutes to set up the trial the way I will be setting my paid version up tomorrow."

- Jan Tallent-Dandridge, Owner of

" nice and smooth..."

"Just tested the script, and it works nice and smooth, I'm thinking in buying the standard version as soon as I can..."

- Mara Rodríguez, Publisher of

Peter van Emmenis, Editor Midweek Affiliate Digest

"It was an absolute breeze to install the program although I am still fairly new to cgi programs. Hell, all I had to do was be able to read English, and follow the instructions!

From what I've seen during the setup and tests, I am VERY impressed with the quality and value of this program.

Thank you for your program - it's great."

Christine Jones, Publisher & Webmaster &

"The simplicity of the Add2it Mailman Free script surpasses any other that I've tried - and I've tried them all! Using the script has made my publishing experience so easy. I can't think of one thing that I'd want to add to it - honestly!"

Tracy Faul, Webmaster

"I installed the Add2it Mailman Free script and was testing it in less than an hour. Out of the 4 scripts that I've installed this was by far the easiest one ever.
Extensive testing confirmed the script performed just as you said it would.
Since everything worked so well I upgraded to the standard version, the upgrade only took a few minutes to set up and it works like a charm. On scale of 1-10 I'd give the Mailman script a 9+.

James, Webmaster of the Gut Reaction Forums

"I have to say the script was one of the best website scripts I have used. It was very well written and practically installed itself! As the website grows I will be definitely be looking at your other scripts."

"...outstanding product line and unbeatable customer support."

"Thanks for the wonderful, prompt and courteous service! You've got an outstanding product line and you top it off with unbeatable customer support. That's a winning combination if I've ever seen it!"

- Malacka, Webmaster of

Joe Waddington, Publisher of Webmaster of The List Owner eZine :

"Being the publisher of an eZine with a large subscriber base, I needed a robust, easy to configure mailing script which provided reliability.

After many months of searching I found the lord! I installed Add2it Mailman Free and was so blown away by all the features, I up-graded to Add2it Mailman Standard after only 2 weeks. This script has been a real boon to my business, it saves me time and gives me peace of mind.

A major bonus has been the quality and level of service I've received from the people at Add2it...they're professional, unobtrusive and helpful beyond all expectations. For me, they've set the standards we should all strive for in our own businesses....I'm a customer for life!!

PS: Many of my subscribers are so impressed with the script, they've down-loaded it as well, Add2it has created another downline for me!!"

Debbie Dias

"Easy to use!"

"Excellent! Easy to use! Follow the directions and you CAN'T go wrong! Thanks so much!"

- Debbie Dias, Webmaster of

Richard Tanker, Webmaster :

"Frank, a large thank you for your undying help in solving a server problem with the installation of your script. The group that I manage just loves the script, they look forward to receiving the "latest news" in a clean easy e-mail format, knowing their information is well guarded. I have passed off the responsibility to a not - so - strong computer person for management and he jumped in with both feet without hardly a question.
Keep up the good work."

Ken McDaniels, Webmaster :

"First of all I would like to thank you for all of your help. It has really been a pleasure doing business with you. Your responses are timely, which is amazing considering the number of questions you get each day. I am proud to be one of your affiliates."

"Great Scripts with Excellent Support."

"THANK YOU! I *Sincerely* mean that! It's no wonder we like buying from you...Great Scripts with Excellent Support. Will be looking forward to more script releases from you. Thanks again."

- David Hanson, Webmaster of

Douglas Mills, Proprietor :

"I have tried the free version of Add2it Mailman and it is fantastic. The installation was totally trouble-free and the layout and functionality of the control panel superb.

For the last three years I have used other products including Topica and Sparklist. Now, I simply would not consider any other product except Add2it Mailman.

I am now upgrading to Add2it Mailman Pro and will be recommending it to all my clients."

Ronald Dunn, Publisher, The Christian Marketer :

"I have been using Add2It Mailman Free for a few months now. After having nightmares with other list hosting services - which I won't mention - I am truly glad I found Except for a few very minor problems getting it set up on my own (I know! I could have paid! LOL), it has proven to be the easiest to use service I have found. In fact, I have decided to upgrade to the Pro version. I have even convinced two of my friends to download your product and they love it too. Thank you for creating such a fantastic product!"

"It installed easily and works like a dream."

"Add2it Mailman Free is an absolutely first class script. It installed easily and works like a dream. Easy to use admin panel - everything is just excellent.

I am about to upgrade to the Pro version.

To think I have been wasting my time and money on Postmaster Online to run my list.

Thanks again Frank."

- Ade Martin, Publisher of

Peter Tylee, Webmaster :

"Thanks for your kind response to my posts.

Indeed your response is outstanding. I have made quite an exhaustive search for a suitable mailing program and yours is clearly one of the best. In fact it is true to say that your free version is superior to many that are certainly not free. Your support for users of even your free software is excellent. I believe I need search no more.

I very much look forward to your next release. I shall attempt to persuade my wife to allow me to upgrade to the pro version (but your free version is so good that will be tough!)."

"I upgraded to the new version faster than I could believe."

"I think that new 'install.cgi' with the latest version is TERRIFIC!! I FTPed the files to my cgi-bin, called the install.cgi script, and BANG! It upgraded to the new version faster than I could believe."

- Gary Speer, Editor and Publisher of

"I am delighted..."

"Our company has been looking for an email manager program for over a year. I am delighted to find yours at, especially when it is free. Of course when our list grows, we will go with the paid version for more features. Here at we use your program every day. Great support. Keep it up!"

- Ken Beir, Admin of


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