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TimeToOutsource.com is free to join service, right now very similar to Fiverr (many improvements planned). It caters to those that require services, such as business owners, but also private people as well as those that want to earn money providing services to them. The idea for this came from creating a service similar to Fiver, […]

How to fix the Mac Pro and Magic Mouse Lag Issue

I recently upgraded from my iMac to a Mac Pro (after the sudden and unexpected death of my iMac) and noticed lag and disconnect issues with my Magic Mouse that used to work perfectly fine with my iMac. After doing some online research I found the fix to the Magic Mouse lag issues… To your […]

Basic Web Copy Tips: How to increase conversion

A few days ago one of my subscribers expressed some concern about her low web page conversion rate and asked me for my opinion on how to improve it. After looking at her web pages, I didn’t know where to start and decided that instead of writing an assay on the topic, it would be […]

Getting Started Advice

The other day I was asked a very general, but super important question: What is the single most important advice I can give somebody just starting out to build his online business? Here is my reply to that question and I hope you will also benefit it… The most important advice (which is also the […]