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ViralURL Adds Email Templates & Advanced Tracking Stats!

ViralURL has always been trying to stay ahead of the curve, setting the trends in the industry and thanks to your support we have been able to keep working on adding in even more useful features. Saved Mailing Templates: Does it annoy you copying and pasting, reformatting and editing email copy every time you want […]

ViralHosts Referral Contest – Todd Gross & Mark Lareau Win!

Hey folks! The ViralHosts referral contest has now ended, and the #1 winner are… Todd Gross & Mark Lareau with more than 750 referrals! Congratulations to them! They win $500 in cash and a Lifetime Gold membership. But hold on, we have other winners… 1. Todd Gross & Mark Lareau ($500 + Lifetime Gold) 2. […]

ViralHosts is now also integrated into Traffic Zipper…

Just wanted to let you know that besides ViralURL.com, ViralHosts.com is now also integrated into Traffic Zipper! If you haven’t checked out Traffic Zipper yet, I recommend you do so now. Like I described in detail in our review video …it’s a great time saver. Warm regards, Colin Klinkert CEO, ColinKlinkert.com & Frank Bauer CEO, […]

It’s The Viral Marketing & List Building Season…

Check out my quick 7 minutes video about the latest & greatest on the Viral Marketing & List Building market and why I recommend you SKIP the one-time offer upsell on one particular program… Click here to view the embedded video. For your convenience, here are the direct access links to the recommended programs mentioned […]