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ViralHosts Referral Contest – Todd Gross & Mark Lareau Win!

Hey folks!

The ViralHosts referral contest has now ended, and the #1 winner are… Todd Gross & Mark Lareau with more than 750 referrals! :)

Congratulations to them! They win $500 in cash and a Lifetime Gold membership. But hold on, we have other winners…

1. Todd Gross & Mark Lareau ($500 + Lifetime Gold)
2. Brian Dew ($250 + Lifetime Gold)
3. none (500 referrals needed)
4. Dim Vasen ($100 + Lifetime Gold)
5. none (300 referrals needed)
6. none (300 referrals needed)
7. none (250 referrals needed)
8 Michael Hamm ($30 + Annual Gold)
9. Jonah Klimack ($20 + Annual Gold)
10. Kenneth Kraakstad ($10 + Annual Gold)
11. Frank Salinas ($10 + Annual Silver)
12. John Denton ($10 + Annual Silver)
13. Michael Purvis ($10 + Annual Silver)
14. You Lee ($10 + Annual Silver)
15. Brandon Fly ($10 + Annual Silver)

Congratulations to all of them! The winnings have been handed out already. Unfortunately no one was able to make enough referrals to fill in all the places (#3, 5, 6 & 7) before Todd and Mark put an end to this contest. Find more details on the contest inside the members area (in the ‘Earnings Section’).

As you may know, everyone had a chance to win, even with only one referral! Here are the randomly picked winners:

16. Bob Jenkins ($50)
17. David Allinson ($40)
18. Justyna Lam ($30)
19. John Powell ($20) – John! We need your PayPal email address!
20. Sraar van den Bosch ($10)

Thanks to all of those who have promoted ViralHosts since launch or even after. Some of the contest winners have managed to make quite a lot of referrals in a short period of time and this is very encouraging for the future! Remember that you can find all the promotional tools you need inside the members area (in the ‘Promotional Tools’ section).

Thanks for continuing promoting ViralHosts! Make sure you susbcribe to our RSS feed as we may announce a new referral contest very soon!

For support, feel free to submit a ticket to our help desk. Make sure you select the appropriate section so our team can reply to you as quickly as possible.

Warm regards,

Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert

CEO, ColinKlinkert.com

& Frank Bauer

CEO, Add2it.com

Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer

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