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Be accountable…

Do you really want to succeed with your 7 Minute Workout health & fitness goals? Then I highly recommend that you make yourself as accountable as possible. What do I mean by that and what are easy ways to do that? Simple, there are 2 keys to it… 1. You announce your goal is with […]

7 Minute Workout Program Review

As I announced in my video on the “A Personal Challenge” blog post, Colin & I are now both taking part in a personal health & fitness challenge to break free from the beer gut causing lifestyle that seem to have been part of being an Internet Marketer lifestyle package. Now… how did it all […]

A Personal Challenge

On March 1st 2009 I hit the deepest point… or maybe I should say the widest? After seeing that picture my wife took of me at the beach, I knew something had to happen. I joined Jenny Craig just a few weeks later and after 6 months of weight loss and 12 months of maintainance, […]

EvoBeats Royalty Free Sound Tracks Review

If you are using video online, then this is for you… Click here to view the embedded video.   Dee Ferdinand helped his buddy, DJ Suto to get his 10 latest, royalty free sound tracks into your hands for a price below what you would pay for a single pizza. Click here to get your […]