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Heard of the monetized version of Twitter?

Firstly, sorry for contacting you so much more then normal, it just seems that this month is the month of great new programs…

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Introducing Sokule:

Have you ever wondered how you can make money with your Twitter posts? If you have, make sure you read this email as you’ll find the answer to this question in it. It’s called Sokule.

The people behind Sokule created an entirely new type of Social Networking Community that posts your squeeks (like tweets) on both Sokule and on Twitter. Sokule is also an affiliate site and you can earn cash every time someone upgrades under you. Check it out… Sokule.com

New Social Networking Community:

First, Sokule is Twitter monetized. That means instead of just posting on Twitter and getting more followers, you earn cash on Sokule when your followers upgrade – and when you see all what Sokule has to offer, upgrading is not a problem!

Sokule’s innovative affiliate program means every time anyone in your audience switches from a free account to a paid account, you earn from 30% to 50% commissions.

Here is why we think Sokule is “so cool”…

– You can do most things you can do on Twitter.

– Your squeeks are posted on Sokule and Twitter, instantly! Your friends and followers will never miss a word you say.

– Paid members are not limited to short tweets. Your squeeks can be up to a whopping 500 characters long. That’s more than enough space!

– You can add 5 live clickable links on your page! You can’t do that on Twitter, right?

– You can rotate up to 5 different bios and photos right on your post-it page to test which one works best for you.

– You can even add an extra income stream to your site, by selecting the ClickBank Module when you sign up. This will add ClickBank ads that will match the content of your site.

– You can edit your posts.

– You can track people in your own niche area and communicate with people who are interested in your products or services.

– You can post on their Sokwall. It’s like a blog but simpler to use.

You see now why we highly recommend that you check out Sokule.com ? :)

To your success,

Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert
CEO, ColinKlinkert.com
& Frank Bauer
CEO, Add2it.com
Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer

P.S. – You can become a founding member of Sokule if you get in early. Only 1500 Sokule founder positions will ever be sold. 500 are being sold during beta launch at a discounted price. These are very special positions:

You earn the highest commissions possible, you make a one time payment and never pay again… and there are many more advantages!

If you can swing it, grab one of these limited memberships today. They will be gone after launch day… so don’t miss out on Sokule.com!

P.P.S. – You can join their $20,000 Cash Prize Contest beginning on the official launch date (September 15th). Everything you do today counts for the contest.

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