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Add2it LeadsMailer Pro

The easiest way to email your leads today!

Now you can easily import leads directly into this application to mail straight from your desktop. In fact, it’s so simple to use… even my 7 year old son can install the software and send a personalized message to any number of leads in less than 10 minutes!


Eva Browne-Paterson

“It’s easy to install, works well and it’s FAST!”

“Hello Frank

I love Add2it LeadsMailer Pro. It’s easy to install, works well and it’s FAST! No mucking around at all. Just load the leads and send. I didn’t even need to change the default email! But I can see many uses for it.

It’s very user friendly and desktop applications are definitely the way to go.

I’ll be recommending your software to my GDI downline for sure.

Warm regards”

– Eva Browne-Paterson, Owner of EvieB.com


Add2it LeadsMailer Pro

For complete details on Add2it LeadsMailer Pro, please click here!

2 Responses to “Add2it LeadsMailer Pro”

  1. Dear Sir;

    I already know the Add2It product. So, I need no explanation how good is it. Even if it is a kind of tricky to install on hosting server that hide some of the real URL address, I know that you can check it and fix it.

    As I´m doing a website for a friend of mine, I just notice her that she needs something like that.

    But I can’t find how much it cost ?
    Please, would you be kind to email me the cost, including installation; please…

    Thank you a lot !

    My best smiles and good wishes;
    Horacio Pardo

  2. Frank Bauer says:

    Hello Horacio,

    You can find Add2it LeadsMailer Pro and the current price at: LeadsMailerPro.com

    Since it installs on the PC at home or in the office, there is no installation service available.


    Frank Bauer

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