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Add2it MailResponder Pro

Publish unlimited newsletters, keep in touch with groups, automatically follow-upon prospects and all this without paying monthly fees!

Add2it MailResponder Pro is a powerful newsletter/ezine/mailing list management program. It makes it easier AND cheaper than ever before for you to publish a newsletter or send a message to a group of people. With a simple click of your mouse you can now easily and cheaply send your messages to thousands of people at once!


Dave Snape

"This Rocks!"

"This Rocks!  I never thought the software would get installed so quickly after my order! Your service is top notch and I can tell that you care about your customers.  I can’t wait to start using Add2it MailResponder Pro. I have investigated a lot of other autoresponder systems and even tried something else. Looks like Add2it MailResponder Pro is going to win out!  Keep me posted on all of your new scripts."

– Dave Snape, Webmaster of ToBeInformed.com


Add2it MailResponder Pro

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