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Our new ViralKing.com blog…

Today we didn’t just launch our brand new ViralinBox.com system, but we also officially switched to our new blog over at ViralKing.com.

Why the switch from ViralURLs.com to ViralKing.com?

Simply to represent better what we stand for… when we started our ViralURLs.com blog we where just running ViralURL.com at that time. Since then we launched ViralHosts.com in August 2009, ViralURL.de in February 2010 and now ViralinBox.com in April 2011.

What we are doing now at our new ViralKing.com blog is not just to publish news in regards to all our sites, but also help you to become the next ViralKing (or Queen) and make your online business ever more successful with the help of our tools & services. :)

So, to read our new blog posts, please visit our new blog at ViralKing.com …see you there!

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