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State Of The Art Mailer Review

After several month delay, the State Of The Art Mailer of Jaye Pause & Brad Webb was finally been launched (aka SOTAM).

During their over 3 month of pre-launch, over 9,000 members joined already and Jaye asked me already back then to promote their pre-launch, the reason I didn’t was simply that I don’t like to promote the “cat in the box”.

Now that their system is ready, I was not only able to check it out for myself, but also interviewed Jaye & Brad on the details of their proprietary new traffic generating system.

Let’s jump right in…

Me: Ok, so on login the system lets you surf 5 pages. One way to generate traffic for members?

Jaye: Yes, when a new member signs up at the index page, then they go through the hyper linked viral ads system (5 links).

The system is completely viral, and members that upgrade get incredible exposure.

So, as  a 5,000 Button Level member you can e.g. mail to a minimum of 5,000 members every 3 days.

Once more button levels open up, members will be able to reach even more… We also have the highest membership that isn’t available yet, called the Viralist, which members automatically move to the highest button available as they populate if they are a Viralist.

Me: So, members I refer… what do they see / get when they join?

Jaye: When they join, members will see your program or programs (because you are an upgraded member, you get 3 hyper linked viral ads). So your signup one will be in the second position on your referral page. Your 1st and 2nd additional hyperlinked viral ads (upgrade only) will be in position 3 and 4, and also rotate in position 1 on all member referral pages and main index.

When you sign up members, your programs will also show up when they promote their own referral page.

And your programs will move down further in the downline as they bring more people on different levels.

Members get to choose after joining for free which button level they wish to start at. Free members are at the 500 Button Level. Then there are the 1,500, 3,000, 5,000 and 7,500 Button Levels optionally available.

Upgrades are available at monthly and 6 month costs.

6 month is not a subscription, monthly is.

Me: Ok. Just trying to figure out how to easiest describe your system.

Jaye: There’s a lot more to this system as well.

Me: If I would ask you to explain the whole system in 30 seconds or less… what would you say?

Jaye: Ok.. It’s a hyper linked viral ad passive advertising site with an internal direct advertising medium, with 9 income streams.

Or something to that effect :)

Me: Hmmm… and those 30 seconds need to show the other person why they should join and what’s in it for them. ;)

Jaye: Ok… let’s see.

It’s a hyper linked viral ad site that allows members to passively advertise their offers to thousands of people effortlessly by leveraging the power of their own referrers, as well as the ability to use a proprietary system known as button escalation to instantly reach thousands of people without lifting a finger.

Me: Now… when I hear that, it generates more questions…

a) What people am I advertising to? Are they targeted to my products?

b) What if I can’t refer people, can I still benefit from this system?

c) What does button escalation mean?

Jaye: Ah.. ok…

Let’s see.

Tell ya what.. My partner Brad Webb is the analytical person to answer those questions…

Brad: Let me answer the first question…

SOTAM is a simple, yet sophisticated email advertising website with visual enhancements that encourage higher click rates and superior conversion rates on all your business opportunities. All gmail accounts, email frame breaking tester and bounced email cleanup increased deliver-ability to your targets thus increasing your overall sales. Members activity is rewarded by allowing them to email a higher amount of members through button escalation, even if they haven’t upgraded to that level.

Me: Thanks… that answers question a) nicely.

Brad: b) As an upgraded member, you are awarded 2 additional Hyperlink Viral Ads located in the 3rd and 4th position. Both of these ads are in rotation in the 1st link throughout the site and are promoted by ALL members. In short, your business opportunities will be promoted virally by other members of SOTAM. We are also developing a instant recruiting system that will be rolled out in the next couple of months. With this system, you can have an instant downline, even if you never send a single ad.

c) It’s a visual way (meaning an actual button you can see) to earn the email volume, up to and including, every member of the site. Lower level upgrades are restricted in the volume they can earn. 5,000 Button Levels or higher can earn their way to emailing the entire database.

Me: Thanks… That explains it perfectly. :)

At the 7,500 Button Level Upgrade level members get to enter 5 hyper linked Viral Ads total?

Jaye: No, all upgraded members receive 2 additional bonus hyper linked viral ads.

Me: So either 1 or 3, right?

Jaye: Yes, free members get 1 and upgraded members get 3.

Me: On the site it says… “Consider the 6 month options. They come with the Loyalty Renewal Rewards Discount which give you a 5% discount every time you renew… ON THE ORIGINAL PRICE!”

Does this mean 5% less for each time the 6 month is renewed? So, first 5%, then 10% then 15% etc?

Jaye: Yes, that’s right. 5% less every 6 months.

Me: Wouldn’t that mean it becomes eventually free?

Jaye: What is cool is that at the time they purchase their 6 month upgrade, that it captures all of those prices and when they renew they are given the same ones again whether the cost goes up or not and yes, in 10 years, they would be free.

Hence the 5% loyalty renewal rewards program.

Me: Ah, sweet… I just saw ViralURL & ViralHosts are included in your Downline Builder. :) So our members can build their downline even when they promote your SOTAM.

Jaye: Yep. :)

Me: BTW… Graphically your site looks awesome. :)

Did you outsource that?

Jaye: The graphics?

Me: Yes, I know you outsourced this fantastic looking video…

Click here to view the embedded video.

Jaye: Yeah, our programmer’s girlfriend is a killer artist. :)

Me: How practical. :)

Jaye: Yup. She did a great job on all of it.

Me: BTW… what is the compensation plan at SOTAM?

Jaye: Free members earn 10% on everything… front & back end.

1,500 Button Level earn 15%, 3,000 Button Level 25%, 5,000 Button Level 35%, 7,500 Button Level 45% and Viralist Button Level earn 50% on anything offered.

Me: Virallist is the level that will be available shortly?

Jaye: Yup.

Me: You also pay that commissions on the additional income streams?

Jaye: That’s right… every member earns commissions on every product.

Even the logout product that we called the exit cash generator.

And the Viralist automatically moves to the highest button level when populated.

Me: Very nice.

Thanks Jaye & Brad for your time during this busy launch phase… very much appreciated. :)

Click here to get your free SOTAM account and see which Button Level is right for you!

To your success,

Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert
CEO, ColinKlinkert.com
& Frank Bauer
CEO, Add2it.com
Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer

P.S. – And if you ever wondered on what results you can expect from a mailer… SOTAM just started to disclose their system click stats on their Live Stats page! No guessing necessary… you see exactly what results you can expect at what Button Level! :)

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