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ViralURL New Years Video Contest

Do you want to quickly and easily…

Gain Massive Exposure?
Have Us Promote Your ViralURL Affiliate Link?
Win Fast Cash For The New Year?

If you answered yes, then check this out… It is free and fast to do. We created a new homepage which benefits you in a few ways, firstly it should increase conversions (we will start split testing this soon) which means if you are telling people about ViralURL, more will join, so that is more money and a bigger downline for you! The second way is it increases our member base which means more people seeing your emails, and also more chances to earn credits! Now to the good stuff:

We Are Having a Video Contest…

You have a chance to win $250 first place, $150 second and $100 third place for simply making a video testimonial or video case study about ViralURL. Not only will the best 3 be picked and awarded cash, but all good videos will be used on our new homepage! This means massive exposure for you in branding and ‘expert’ status. :)

That’s not all though. We will take your Video and your ViralURL affiliate link and let your staff share it for you on all the main video and bookmarking sites for you! That means you will have a chance to get more signups and earn more money! Yes, we do all the work, you just provide the video. So here is what to do:

1. If you don’t have this already, get a free video recording software like e.g. CamStudio (PC) or Screenflow (Mac)

2. Make a video about why you love ViralURL. Do a case study with numbers and results if you want. The video should be between 30 seconds and max. 3 minutes long.

3. Upload it to YouTube.com (for best HD quality, upload in 1280×720 resolution)

4. Paste the link to the video and your affiliate link for ViralURL into the comments and Boom! You’re Done! :)

It is as simple as that to get 3 amazing benefits… looking forward to seeing your videos!

Also… if you are not submitting a video yourself, vote in the comments below which video you like to see as #1, #2 & #3. If you are the first person to vote for one of the actual winners in the right position, you win $50 yourself for each correct position! :)

The contest starts right now and ends on January 10th 2010.

Here Are Some Video Testimonial Content Tips…

* Most important… only provide genuine, real information in your video! The FTC will thank us! :)

* Please remember that the best testimonials have real number and results in them… but contrary to popular believe, it’s NOT the size that matters here. ;) We won’t select the winner based on their numbers or results, but based on the overall look & feel of their video.

* Here is an example script for your video… “Hi, my name is NAME, I am from LOCATION and I joined ViralURL in MONTH, YEAR as a MEMBERSHIP LEVEL member. What I like best about ViralURL is REASON. The results I achieved with ViralURL so far are RESULTS. I did this by METHOD USED.”

* You can use video footage of yourself, screencam video footage or screenshots… you decide how to make it the most interesting for the viewer.

* Todd Gross’s video testimonial on our new homepage is an excellent example for a great video.

BTW, we would like to wish all of our members this way also a…

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